Photos: Seu Jorge and Almaz in Brazil

Seu Jorge and Almaz just performed in São Paulo and Rio and, thanks to Ramon Moreira, we have photos to prove it.

Photos: Seu Jorge and Almaz live in Brazil.


Announcing: Seu Jorge/Rachel Roy Fashion Collaboration

Seu Jorge has partnered with the American fashion designer Rachel Roy to co-create a limited edition “capsule collection” of sportswear, footwear, jewelry and handbags. For his part, Jorge said: “I decided to do this because of the challenge. Rachel is full of talent… In this moment, especially now, I have a lot to say about Brasil, and want to expose people to this wonderful culture.”

You can peruse the collection at Macys or you can discover more – and download Seu Jorge and Almaz’s “Girl You Move Me” (free!) – at Rachel Roy’s website, linked below.

Link: Seu Jorge/Rachel Roy Capsule Collection at


Video: Seu “We Say ‘Jorge,’ Bono says ‘Hor-Hay’” and U2 Live In Brazil

You know what – since Bono is of the status of a Head of State, we’ll forgive the mispronunciation! Video of Seu Jorge and Bono’s cover of “The Model,” taken in Sao Paulo.

Seu Jorge, U2, “The Model,” 90,000 Fans In Sao Paulo….

We received this dispatch from our man Pierre at Cafune this evening:

“Jorge is singing ‘The Model’ with U2 for 90,000 people in Sao Paulo right now!! Unbelievable.”

We said “Yeah right” and then he sent us the above photo. And this link.

Link: Rolling Stone Brasil

Video – Seu Jorge and Almaz on Cotidiano

More from our friend Ramon Moreira, who filmed Seu Jorge and Almaz at their show in Rio this past weekend for his Cotidiano show.

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